Easy job


I often tell my son (and mean it) that he can be absolutely anything he wants. He can do anything if he is prepared to work hard. To sacrifice and go after his goal with a passion. He wants to be a footballer. He could be. But he will have to spend hours every day practicing when his friends are out on the town. He ‘can’ do it. But will he? I don’t know. He ‘can’ be an astronaut. He will have to work really hard at those Science subjects he’s not too keen on and do lots of extra years as a poor student when his mates are earning good money. He ‘can’ do it. Will he?

Apparently anybody ‘can’ do my job. You don’t need any special qualifications to apply. You just have to keep your nose clean. Get to adulthood reasonably fit & healthy with no criminal record & stick an application in right? A couple of years spent as a probationer. Learning a few piles of books. Absorbing practices & procedures. Surely anyone can do that right?

I’ve been a Police officer for many years. Almost half of my life actually. I dont ask for pity i love doing it. Ive excluded myself from trips away with friends because there was a risk of inapropriate behaviour. Ive turned down business opportunities because 2nd incomes arent allowed. I’ve sat at the other end of an interview table from the predatory paedophile who was explaining to me how his 11yr old victim enjoyed what he did to her. I have cut the rope from round a teenagers neck and lifted his dead body down. I broke the news to his mother myself. 

I’ve stood back to back with colleagues massively outnumbered by rioting crowds as we are pelted with bottles and bricks and held the line. I’ve had my face spat in and shown restraint. I’ve fought with people twice my size when every cell in my body wanted to run away like everybody else had but that is not an option for us. When you walk into the middle of chaos with your little stick and your handcuffs people look to you. You’re often afraid & outnumbered. You know support is miles away and you’re alone but you never show it and you do your job. I’ve broken bones, been badly bitten by a dog and quite a few people! I’ve had stitches, many bruises, sprains and scratches. I’m sure I’ll have many more before I finish my time.

In theory anybody ‘can’ do my job. We do it. Every day. We don’t seek publicity for it. We don’t expect to become rich or famous for it. All we want is to know that if we are harmed doing it we will be looked after. That we won’t need that second income because we are paid enough to get by. That we are supported in doing what we do. Is that too much?

If you support us join the march May 10th.




One thought on “Easy job

  1. Colleagues,

    I am concerned that because of the shameful, pathetic failure by the Fed Exec to make effective use of our 2008 Ballot , in which 85% voted in favour to seek industrial rights for us, by the European Court route, and the ignoring of those tactics by Labour, in terms of a parliamentary debate, then May 10 risks becoming an embarrasssing ‘Damp Squib’!

    A number of colleagues will NOT be on the march in London on 10, May, due to the inability of the Fed, to explain their 4 years of INACTION on this topic! In conjunction with the cancellation in Forces of Rest Days, the use of that day for other Unions to protest in London, then the Fed’s repeated use of failing tactics, risks emboldening ‘Uncle tom’, MAY and the Chipping Norton set!

    Why has the Fed Exec not understood, that ‘ if you do what you have always done, then you get what you’ve always got’?!!

    Our e petition, of police AND public now exceeds 14,000.

    A worthy effort, but whilst the Fed in my Force are trying to drum up support by offering free lunches to get colleagues to attend on May 10, they could, and should be publicising those excellent videos that we have all seen, and, heaven forbid, publicising our e petition.

    This enables us to see our MP’s in person,explain the personal impact on us and our families, and evaluate the parliamentary debate that must follow our reaching 100,000 signatures.

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