The Birth Of The Anti Winsor Network Blog

Thank you for showing your support by reading what is looking like being a VERY big Blog.

Why have we created this Blog? The Winsor Report is the reason why and I urge you to watch these two  short video which will help you to understand the anger being felt by police officers and staff nationwide. At the end ask yourself this question, Could I, Would I put up with that if it was forced upon me without any consultation from the Government?

Any private sector employee would go on strike, quit their job and so on and so on.

Well our Government are well and truly shafting the UK Police service and enough is enough.

The Anti Winsor Network was born in the Social Media Network Twitter after a group of angry cops started talking. The Police Family came together and said “WE WILL BE HEARD”.

This Blog will be used to keep you updated about the networks updates, stories, and other events as they unfold.

Please help spread the word and follow us on Twitter @antiwinsornetwk

This post is the first introductory post and alot more will follow.

Thanks again for your support.

DCI Gene Hunt – Head Of The Anti Winsor Network Task Force


3 thoughts on “The Birth Of The Anti Winsor Network Blog

  1. • I am a Police Inspector and have served the public and shared trials, tribulations, tragedies and humour with my colleagues.
    • I am a passionate believer in fairness and adhere to that principle every day.
    • Unfortunately, Governments of both persuasions have begun to belittle that principle in their dealings with the Police, and their representative bodies, particularly, the Police Federation.
    • This became evident with the attack by SHEEHY on our terms and conditions. Coincidentally, David CAMERON was a member of that team.
    • The process of dismantling the office of Constable began to increase in tempo with the introduction of Police Community Support Officers and, the ‘Performance Culture ‘ adherence to Government imposed targets.
    • The Omni competent Constable was not ‘effective’ in this regime. A wide range of Units each with their own ‘remits’ decimated both Uniform Policing and the Criminal Investigation Department. We became a disjointed sausage machine, churning out ‘disposals’ with little reference to the real needs of the public.
    • Jacquie SMITH’s interference with the Edward DAVIES Pay Award to Officers broke the covenant with us. We had relied upon protection from Government by moral persuasion, and respect for the role we performed in society.
    • Subsequent Pay freezes accelerated the process of reducing our trust in the negotiating machinery. It was evident that the Government had no fear or compunction at behaving in this manner. Indeed, when Jacquie SMITH continued to behave in this manner, the Permanent Secretary opined “The Feds will make a few noises… but you can ignore them, they’re toothless.”
    • This is how our reliance upon fairness is regarded.
    • The Coalition Government clearly regard the police as a soft touch.
    • No other group of staff in the public sector are facing actual cuts in their wages, less favourable terms and conditions, and the continued denigration of their efforts.
    • The WINSOR Reports represent the most sinister and savage assault on the concept of policing as a vocation, and career, serving the public.
    • It was as a result of seeing colleagues from all backgrounds and length of service, feeling crushed and bewildered by the Government’s contempt for us, and the inability or unwillingness of the Federation to defend us, and, by extension, the public, that compelled me to act.
    • On Monday, 12 March, I submitted my e- petition; it was approved on 13, March.
    • The petition reads:’ That Police Officers in the UK are given the Right to Strike in line with European counterparts. The Government should recognise this Human Right and repeal legislation forbidding the creation of Police Unions and this Right.’
    • I honestly never expected that I would need to advocate this drastic change of direction.
    • I fully appreciate that people hold mixed views on this petition.
    • However, I feel that it is totally unfair that some of our best citizens are being treated in this manner. We certainly are not ‘All in this together”!!
    • The office of Constable is worth defending.
    • In the event of the petition reaching 100, 00 votes, then Parliament must debate the issue.
    • We citizens are entitled to ask our MP’s where they stand, and, indeed, watch how they vote in this Debate. To use the hackneyed phrase beloved of politicians, they can truly ‘be held to account’.
    • Please register your support for YOUR Police, before the Privatisation Agenda spreads its poisonous tentacles further round the throat of some of the best men and women I have ever met in my life, YOUR Police.



    • Well said. Just one of the many officers who feel betrayed by the governments merciless attack upon the office of Constable. We all need to band together to protect the job and make ourselves heard. These changes are being brought in by stealth without public approval. This is why we have started the AntiWinsorNetwork. To band together and make our voices heard. Join in. Dont be one of the silent few who sit idly by while A government with no mandate ruin our job.


    • I agree also. This Condem Government are doing what they want with NO consideration for those involved. Changes such as these would NEVER be imposed on Transport For London staff as they would all strike and create havoc. THEY get consulted every step of the way but if you are a Police Officer you have to bend over and get shafted!


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