Who are the AntiWinsorNetwork


The Anti Winsor Network started spontaneously on Twitter. It wasn’t planned. It didn’t have an agenda when it started. We are not Political activists. A lot of the people involved would normally pay little attention to politics or politicians. We had real concerns about what this government Is doing to ‘our’ Police service. We are on the inside. Police officers, families, friends, civilian colleagues, partner agencies etc. We can all see how thin the blue Line already is. We can see that there is not 20% to ‘safely’ give.

There was discontent. Concern. But it was taking place in canteens. In parade rooms. We all followed our own little group of friends and colleagues from our own force. We all have the same concerns but our conversations never got further than our little group. We were fragmented. Uncoordinated. After all, it would be quite futile for my little shift to try to take on the government or get the national Fed to change direction.

This was frustrating for us all. So, one day a couple of months ago, a group of us were voicing our concerns on Twitter and it dawned upon us. There were hundreds of Police groups around on Twitter. We needed to network. To join them together. That way we would have a louder voice. We were being ignored. But, if we had enough numbers, we could make people listen to us. A network of people who were anti Winsor.

Now I realise that this is not a particularly catchy title. It is not something that people who are not directly connected to the Police will understand.  But it does say exactly what we are. Just a normal group of people trying to join together in order to change these proposals which will ruin our Police service. We are here to work together. Networking with any and all groups that have formed in opposition to the Winsor reforms.

The fact that the network took off so quickly tells us all about the strength of feeling out there. It shows that these concerns are not unreasonable. One or two people getting angry is a rant. 140’000 is a movement. We are growing all of the time. People who have never been on Twitter are signing up. Make no mistake the PFEW support what we are doing. They need us working together to assist them. We are here to help the Fed in all they do. We are showing daily that together we are stronger. We can be formidable.

Now is not the time to sit back and be happy about what we have achieved so far. We have been mentioned on major news channels. Sky news, BBC and ITV have all done articles about us. Now is the time to use our momentum. To push on. To gather new members. It is up to every one of us to sign up new members. Get them to create a Twitter account. Put #AntiWinsorNetwork on the profile. Tweet #AntiWinsorNetwork. If you see an account or a tweet with this follow them. If somebody follows you and you see they are a member, follow them back. Once we are networked we can make big things happen.

We are no longer the single shift in the bait room shouting at the MPs on the News. We are united. There are thousands of us and we will get there. We can force debate. We can fight these changes if we are united and acting together. If this government want to fight us we will give them that fight. We will be there on May 10th and beyond for as long as it takes. We owe to colleagues past and present to protect the office of Constable from those who would privatise us and have us under political control.

Thanks to everyone for your support. United we stand.




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