Created By Peel – Destroyed By Winsor

Post by Gene Hunt – Anti Winsor Network Co Founder

Last week I heard a short yet very accurate statement concerning the reforms proposed by Winsor. It was: Created By Peel  – Destroyed By Winsor!!!

Sir Robert Peel

I found this statement to be blunt, accurate, and to the point.

Sir Robert Peel was the ONLY decent Tory who did anything positive for the UK Police Service. He lay the foundations for the fine service that we have to this day. Now Peel has been dead for years and I know for a fact that he would be spinning in his grave if he could see what Winsor is doing to his legacy.

Over the last few months the Anti Winsor Network has gone from strength to Strength! Numbers have goe through the roof, the media have started to take us seriously and I have no doubt that those in Parliament have heard of our cause but still refuse to engage with us!

So I ask the question – where is Nick Herbert, where is Theresa May, the Home Secretary who PROMISED to fight for us? I will tell you. They are too busy protecting their salaries that are five times that of a Constable and their pensions whilst we get shafted!

Enter a man who I would love to meet. A man who deserves a hand shake from every Police Officer in the UK. That man is Chief Constable Tony Melville.

Upset with the idea of PCC’s coming to power and what he sees as politics taking control of policing Mr Melville told the Gloucestershire force where to poke it. As yet this is the only Senior Officer who has shows some balls and has openly spoken out.

Where are ACPO? Oh yes they say its not their place to fight Winsor! So I ask myself this, what is the point of ACPO. We need to save money so lets disband them, they do sod all anyway!

Mr Melville will be at the march on the 10th of May and I ask you all to honour true Gene Hunt tradition. If you see this man in the pub buy him a drink and do not let him leave until he needs carrying out! This man is a legend and deserves recognition! WELL DONE MR MELVILLE – A PROPER leader!

Well I urge you all to tune into Radio 4 today at just before 13:30hrs as the Anti Winsor Network are being heard. I promised you I would get our voice heard and after some fantastic team work as a result of networking through the Anti Winsor Network we have our chance to be heard.

Now sadly I am not able to attend the march on 10th May due to half my force being on leave! I have tried everything including appeal but its no good.

I wish to raise a glass to each and everyone of you who are attending. i was really upset to hear of leave being cancelled due to risk of counter protests against the Police. If you are one of those thinking of protesting against the police I urge you to take the time to see why they are out there and JOIN them rather than FIGHT them.

The Winsor Report not only effects Police it will affect YOU as the public!

I wish you all the best on the 10th and am interested to hear from anyone who would like to write a guest Blog following the march.

Commander Gene Hunt – Head of Anti Winsor Network Specialist Task Force


5 thoughts on “Created By Peel – Destroyed By Winsor

  1. I don’t pretend to have all of the answers, if any. However 30+ years in the Met taught me that the Police isn’t like a business, there is no end product to sell and no way of increasing their income short of, that dreaded word, privatisation and sponsorship, both of which are an anathema to all officers, both serving and retired. Of the many people I have spoken to regarding Winsor’s recommendations, NOT A SINGLE PERSON has been opposed to change and modernisation in some form. However Winsor’s recommendations seem set to be accepted wholesale even though ACPO tell us that they are still up for negotiation. There are too many smokescreens circulating designed to make us take our eye of the ball, the most recent surfaced this morning from a PCC candidate.

    It is vital that we do not allow ourselves to be diverted from the right course of action, as everyone I speak to has nothing but the most genuine of motives, but it is also important that the public do not see us being merely greedy and archaic, opposing all change just for the sake if it. For this reason the Federation MUST take the lead, and we MUST all support them in any legitimate manner possible.

    If we do nothing then Winsor and May will have won without the legitimacy of their proposals having been properly tested. Doing nothing is not an option – Do It Right.

  2. I’m going to the March and we,ve had a message from our CC to say that our Federation will be handing out advice sheets on conduct etc, and that they agree, not with the march, but with what’s on the advice sheets.
    It was their chance to back us, but not surpisingly they didn’t.

  3. Perhaps the Fed Exec need ‘Advice Sheets’ on why they are repeating the march of 2008 [ this time no badeball caps?!].
    We voted 85% in favour of seeking industrial rights via the European Court.

    WTF has happened in the past4 years FFS?

    My Fed reps talk of a Fed strategy of ‘slow burn’. Apparently, this means another march around ‘the Smoke’, a Conference where a whole bunch of EVERY Force’s Executive [Chair, Treasurer and Secretary] who are on CHIEF INSPECTOR WAGES, and others will pontificate.

    They will then send us leaflets, in advance of a [ repeat] ballot seeking Industrial Rights LATER in the year? Sadly, many Forces have cancelled Leave and Rest Days, other Unions are demonstrating in London that day, plus apathetic colleagues and those appalled at the shameful inactivity of the Fed in the past 4 years will not attend.

    I am fearful of the impact of a ‘damp squib’ emboldening a vicious Government. There tabled intention to terminate the current Pension Schemes in 2015, are illustrative of that fact.

    ‘Lions led by Donkeys!’

  4. I understand why the Fed chose ‘ destroyed by WINSOR’ but in giving ‘Uncle Tom’ such prominence we neglect the REAL ENEMY ,’ DAVE,’ latterly of SHEEHEY.

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