Press Appeal – London Riots


I am writing on behalf of our colleagues at the BBC who require our assistance following the #AntiWinsorNetwork Radio 4 interview recently.

Their Current Affairs Team are making two one hour long TV programs into the riots from the Police’s point of view, and this program is to mark one year since the riots.

They will be speaking with rioters about their involvement and would like to have actors talk about the police aspect from the point of view of officers who policed it. As with the Radio 4 program officers will not be identified.

The BBC say “We feel the story of last summer’s riots has never been told from the point of view of the officers who took the brunt of it with such bravery and commitment. We would like to interview police officers of all ranks about their personal experience on the ground, their feelings when faced with the biggest policing challenge of their generation, and their views about how future disturbances might be prevented”.

The programmes are scheduled for transmission in July and they need to begin interviewing people this month to meet this tight deadline.

So I have been tasked with finding some volunteers who would like to be considered to have their story told by actors without risk of being identified.

If you would like to be considered for this TV program send me an email with a summary of your story and why you feel you should be selected. My email address is

I will forward interested peoples stories to our contact and they can decide who they wish to speak to.

Any questions give either @constablechaos (my Proctor) or I a shout, but dont shout too loud or I may throttle you.

Now Carry On!

The Guv


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