Bravo Bravo Mr Paul McKeever


At conference today it was like an Amir Khan boxing match. Suspense and action from round 1. Mr Paul McKeever today single handedly destroyed Theresa Mays police reform agenda with a no notes no nonsense speech that shook the Home Secretary’s bones to her foundations.

No other police officer has ever managed to upset a govt. train in this way. Speaking from the heart as he so often does Mr McKeever engaged his colleagues; but his biggest win is that he has now got the media channels on side. And this means only one thing; the public will finally begin to hear and read more and more about how police cuts of 20% will affect crime patterns and police service.

Whilst this was Mr Mckeevers finest 40 minutes the Home Secretary suffered a very damaging career blow. She was visibly shaking through her whole address and her mispronunciation of some of the names of officers who had fallen was just one sign of her unease. Her NVC’s disturbingly obvious. Her voice shaky throughout her speech.

And though she glared at those that dare challenge her during her speaking her script writer will soon realise that one cannot continue to fool the public. Hers was an incompetent “off the mark” speech. Mrs May then dodged questions left right and centre about the equality impact assessment of Winsor, about pensions and young officers, about communities suffering and the creation of a police force for the rich under Winsor. She was ducking and diving by now.

But even whilst sitting down Mr McKeever was able to get one over on the Home Secretary as he asked all the attendees at the conference to raise their hand if they felt Winsor’s work was independent. No one raised their hand. Neither did Mrs May and when Mr McKeever dare quip about this he was soon told off.This was the upper cut we all wanted to see. Oh what a disastrous PR incident for Mrs May. And so came the knock down. Enough was enough as one Rep told The Minister that the police simply no longer trusted her. If looks could kill.  By now her NVC’s leaked contempt.

Mrs May then allegedly left conference at the conclusion of her slot without saying any further words to Mr McKeever; but as she left she left under calls to “resign” from the floor. No other Home Secretary has suffered calls of this nature from honest police officers, not in my lifetime anyway. And I have never seen a person with so much presence “scuttle” away in this manner.

So what we witnessed today was spectacular, justified and required for we all know too well; she says she’s listening, but what she’s really doing is ignoring what we are saying. Bravo. Bravo Mr Paul McKeever and the Police Federation.

Please sign the below link to reject Winsor 2 completely:



7 thoughts on “Bravo Bravo Mr Paul McKeever

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  2. Good speech, but did Paul M not deliver this at a Rally at the end of the march through London last week? Media could have lapped it up, and the Fed, if they stirred themselves could have produced, on a daily basis, new ‘shocking facts’ about the cuts in frontline policing. Also, why have the ‘ gloves not come off’ regarding ACPO complicity in this nonsense? Why has the fatuous ‘role’ of PCSO not been demolished by Fed? We certainly need to be very wary of NULab’s pretence of support.

    They were responsible for the embracing of the fiction that PCSO’s are essential in the delivery of ‘reassurance’ to a public that long along described them, accurately as ‘ plastic’! Most damagingly, NuLab generated the ACPO they wished by ensuring the dead hand of the Home Office determined which officers attend the Strategic Command Course and are approved for shortlisting of ACPO positions.

    Over time this has produced the consensus at senior level. which we all know and love. Most pernicious of all, NuLab brought us the’ highly successful’ Performance Target Culture’, embellished by the financial bonuses for Superintendents and above ,as a reward for compliance with these ‘targets.’ Funny how these ‘targets’ are reinvigorated in many forces.

    NuLab certainly need to be subject to a ‘Stop and Account’ over their record. Including ‘Expenses’ Jaqui SMITH, now a pundit on Sky News, who when delaying the implementation of our Pay Rise in 2008, was told by her ‘Sir Humphrey’, ‘the Feds will make a lot of noise,, but you can safely ignore them, they are toothless.’. Funnily enough, 2008 was the same year we voted 85% in favour of seeking industrial rights, and to explore the European Court route.

    Funnily enough, little happened in the intervening 4 years. So the plan was hatched to repeat this ‘ master stroke’ by marching through London, and a ballot later in2012, after Conference! Tellingly, Mrs MAY opined’ The Right to strike is not on the table’!!

    I beg to differ, a number of officers, families and friends have signed an e petition to that effect. E petitions on rejecting WINSOR and Protecting Police Pensions are as impactive as an e petition calling for the impeachment of BLAIR for the Iraq war!
    The Fed in 2008 clearly were mandated to follow the path to Industrial Rights, and have now rediscovered it, 4 years later! The public are indifferent to the pensions Issue for police, but ARE energised about a target driven G4S Gestapo!

  3. I’m not going to pretend I know half of what is going on. I’m not well up on government policies and I’m not fully aware of the full implementations Winsor intends. What I would like to say though is this:-

    I’m a serving police officer on the 8 year pay scale. I’m not horrendously affected by the pay freeze, although it does mean I lose a considerable pay increase to my 9 year pay scale by the pay freeze. Its the young police officers I seriously feel for. Their pay frozen at a low rate on the scale. These same young officers who are at the age where they have young families and mortgages.

    All who I’m sure, like me, struggle to make ends meat on a monthly basis. These same officers will have included there pay rises into mortgage repayments. These same officers who do not receive housing allowance. The government are crippling the same ones who in the majority are front line section officers dealing with incidents from simple jobs to murders and are the first on scene at every job imaginable. These same officers whose pensions are are being tampered with.

    I’m 30 years old now and under the current scheme I retire at the age of 51. I would LOVE to see ANY of the politicians including the home secretary and Winsor attempt to arrest a violent and fighting 20 something year old whose high on drugs and alcohol at the age of 60 or even 65! I mean COME ON! The government will end up paying more in injury claims and sickness as the risk of injury or even death would be massive!

  4. When are we going to play dirty? The company that Winsor works for advised G4S on a successful contract bid with Lincolnshire Police ! Surely there’s some mileage in that? What about the legal route like the judges took over their pensions. All our customers use the Human Rights act, its about time we did.

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