No to Privatisation.

An amazing video by the Unite union. Please share and tell people to view it. Sums up the concerns well.


2 thoughts on “No to Privatisation.

  1. The Home Affairs Select Committee says its decision to endorse or reject the Home secretary’s choice for new HMIC chief will be taken “very seriously”.
    Chairman of the Committee Keith Vaz MP made the vow at the ACPO Summer Conference in Manchester after learning that Tom Winsor had applied for the position of Her Majesty’s Chief Inspector of Constabulary.
    “Once we get to see the shortlist we will take our responsibilities very seriously.”
    Mr Vaz also revealed that he understood Mr Winsor, who has produced two recent reports on police pay and conditions, had been shortlisted for the position.
    The Home Affairs Select Committee has to ratify the Home Secretary’s choice for the job once it is made. However, it can choose to reject the candidate.
    Mr Vaz said: “I wish him well (Tom Winsor) in his application.
    “It is the Home Affairs Select Committee that has the responsibility, at a confirmation hearing, to endorse or reject the Home Secretary’s preferred candidate.
    “Once we get to see the shortlist we will take our responsibilities very seriously.”
    Addressing the conference, Mr Vaz had said that people “without experience on the frontline” had been instructed by government to draw up plans for the Police Service which was “regrettable”.
    He said: “Government believes that the ubiquitous business man knows how to run anything – we know this is not the case.”
    As previously reported by, Mr Winsor is eligible for the job, which pays as much as £199,995, as it is not a prerequisite for the candidate to have had experience in the Police Service.
    Mr Vaz told the Conference that he was aware Mr Winsor was a partner at White and Case, the firm which advised G4S on its private collaboration with Lincolnshire Police. However, the firm previously said that Mr Winsor played no role himself in advising G4S.

  2. ACPO has been urged to make its voice heard over government changes to the Police Service – before it is too late.
    Keith Vaz MP, Chairman of the Home Affairs Select Committee, said ACPO’s position was currently “unclear” because it conducted its business in a different way to the Police Federation – which was clearly opposed to widespread changes.
    “I urge you to seize the moment.”
    But at its conference in Manchester, Mr Vaz urged chief constables “to rise to the challenge” or face the remains of a once great police service.
    The conference heard that ACPO’s future in the new “landscape of policing” was uncertain, with the Home Office set to pull its funding in December 2012.
    It is understood however that chief officers would still have to have a major role in the way the Police Service operates – whether ACPO survives or not.
    Mr Vaz said that controversial changes, including those to officers’ pay and conditions and the privatisation of the Police Service, meant the government was “completely redrawing the policing landscape” in a tumultuous and dramatic fashion.
    He said: “We are not actually clear on what ACPO thinks because you have a different way of conducting your proceedings than the Police Federation.
    “My message to you today is I hope your message to the government is equally profound because when the music stops, and the landscape is redrawn, we don’t want the government to say ‘it wasn’t clear where you stood’.
    “ACPO is widely respected in Britain and throughout the world.”
    Mr Vaz said ACPO was quite clearly capable of demonstrating leadership – and its role in winning back the streets during the London riots was to be commended.
    But he said government plans were undermining the role of chief constable and “it may at the end be replaced with those in my view who are inexperienced in policing issues or are even civil servants”.
    He added: “To ACPO – I hope that you will rise to this challenge.
    “If we do not I am afraid that there will be little left of the world’s renown British Police Service.
    “I urge you to seize the moment.”

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