Nick Herberts Letter To The Federation

I have had a few requests to share the letter that Nick Herbert wrote that wound me up this morning.

Here it is. i have been busy recently but have not forgotten you all.

Keep the faith.

The Guv


5 thoughts on “Nick Herberts Letter To The Federation

  1. Why has the Fed at a national level ‘ airbrushed from history’ our ballot for full industrial rights and seeking confirmation of our position at the European Court in 2008?
    I seem to have missed any explanation or apology from our handsomely rewarded Executive, as to this gross dereliction!
    When Jacqui ‘Expenses’ SMITH delayed the implementation of our Pay Award, her Permanent Officials advised her that ‘ The Feds will make a lot of noise, but are toothless and useless’?!!
    Naturally, despite our marching around London in our white baseball caps, and being ignored, are we being asked to follow a clearly failed strategy?
    Following the rehash by ‘Uncle Tom’ of ‘Dave’s 2006 plans for police, what is the response?
    A shameful series of letters with the ‘Right Honourable’ Mrs MAY, which, in effect, told us to ‘Go Forth and multiply’!!
    WTF is going on?
    At the risk of repetition, I started our e petition because, it seemed to me, that it was and remains a strategic mistake, to win over the public to our cause.
    The inability or unwillingness of ACPO, Superintendents Association and Fed to present any coherent front, fatally undermines the Fed only Ballot. My Fed Officials talk of a ‘ slow burn’ Campaign, consisting of the March on 10 May [now shared with other Unions], Conference, and leafleting of officers in the autumn, followed by a ballot. These characters talk of us being in a’ Phoney War’ FFS!
    Personally, I have spoken to friends, neighbours, family and colleagues about the devastation being brought on colleagues who routinely put themselves in harms way.
    I have had a range of people sign, including Solicitors, and the man from AUTOGLASS who sorted my windscreen!!
    Some 15,000 people have signed to date. A good base, but I refuse to believe that we are all taking the opportunity to PERSONALLY explain to others, what the attacks on pay and conditions, and the corrosive denigration are doing to our lives, and our families.
    Simply put, please get cracking to ALL you know. They will appreciate what you are describing to them, from your perspective.
    Once 100,000 have signed, there MUST be a parliamentary debate. Go and SEE IN PERSON your MP, and explain how this is affecting you, and any future voting intentions, dependent upon their actions up to and in the Debate,
    Colleagues may feel that such a meeting with an MP is a good example of an ‘Out of Custody Suspect Interview’. There will be prepared statements, but our sensitive, inquiring and appropriate questioning, will seek to elicit an honest response from the ‘suspect’.
    I have borne in mind recent stated cases concerning the ‘Necessity Test’ of Code G!!

  2. I have yet to hear any politician of note apologise for their part in the destruction of British Policing. Similarly, I have yet to hear any ACPO ‘ colleague’ advise ‘Partners’ or public, what we can no longer afford to do.
    The policy of closing police stations and denigrating the role of warranted police officers in non confrontational contact with the public, and replacing them with ‘Local Beat Officers’ hitherto PCSO’s is outrageous, and self defeating.
    In my view, the protection of police officers with their INDIVIDUAL discretion to enforce the law, and maintain order is under the severest threat.
    The spectre of Privatised Companies, feeding off the carcass of British Policing is appalling and shameful, and economically questionable.
    Cultural change to empower officers with RIGHTS than can be defended in law is now necessary.

  3. The HORROR of ‘Uncle Tom’ who plays his role of ‘Baldrick’ to Queenie MAY, and ‘Captain DARLING’ HERBERT is that they believe that it IS POSSIBLE to fool ALL of the people ALL of the time!
    The supine press graze like bovines on the ‘ scraps’ of bilge thrown at them by these wasters.
    It is NOT a coincidence that the corrosive denigration of police and nurses [‘uncaring’] appears to be conducted by HMG of all persuasions. [Remember PCSO’s and ‘ Performance Culture’ with extra wedge for Supers and above? Nu Lab methinks].
    The direct connivance of ACPO with this crap [including the ‘Dukes of Hazzard’ PCC’s is a shameful derogation of Leadership.
    The protection of policing by consent in this country, and confronting the Privatisation of public patrol requires officers are protected from the WINSOR nonsense of redundancies for failing to conform to targets, 10% of officers that WILL be graded as poor and liable to sacking et al.
    FULL Industrial Rights are required as is the case in EVERY other European Union state.
    Concentration on ‘ rejecting WINSOR’ and ‘Protect Police Pensions’ lacks focus and does not resonate with the public.
    Is the fight not worth it?

  4. The simple fact of the matter is that Tom is about cutting, cutting is about losing services, losing services is about introducing privatisation. Nick we’re not the dullards you believe us to be and let us not forget its your fingers in ears method of ‘dialogue’ that brought this response.
    Winsor LIED about his claims. Told porkies about weight issues. MADE UP who he’d spoken to. His figuring IS shoddy. His report on a subject he has NO experience of is flawed. Then you put the golden seal on it. Let’s not forget concerns about changes your government has made to agreed points POST agreement. Then you bozos claimed he was working independently whilst paying him through the same company handling your privatisation obsessions in certain forces.

    You are so desperate to believe you’re on the moral high ground you cannot see the staggering arrogance of your pitiful reasoning. Angry letter or not, you still haven’t addressed the lie spouted by Ms May in saying Winsor was working independently of his employer. Nor, I suspect will you. Like Ms May simply ignoring people who asked questions at the Fed conference, you point to figures, wave your hands for reason and continually ignore the salient points.

    Wages are nothing. I want to know why cuts in funding stop me doing my job when forces are forking out millions to court companies headed by former ACPO officers or those who’ve previously won government contracts (and run them with such disaster Judges are now summonsing management to court- Capita anyone?) I also want to know how much in savings you’ve brought to the country. Have your wages/ expenses/ pensions been reduced at all? Hmmm thought not.

    Nick, tell me why I can’t get forensic work done to help solve a crime but you can withdraw from the public purse (each month) an officer’s salary to fund the mortgage on your (highly reasonable) half million pound consituency home (remember people aren’t obliged to help the old lady being mugged but they do what is right) Nick, tell me truthfully that you can look in the mirror and truly believe that you stand for what is best and not what is best for you and your chums.

  5. The failure of ACPO to defend policing by consent in this country and the embracing of Cuts and privatising core functions is despicable However, they have seen their ability to collect Gongs such as QPM directly proportionate to doing what they have been told by the Government of the day.
    NuLabour’s outrageous distortion of value of police patrol and reassurance, by the non job that is PCSO [ perversely regarded as ‘ efficient’ by Government and ACPO alike, but derided by the public] and the shamefully inefficient ‘ Performance’ Culture, plus their admitted support for 12% cuts in policing, disqualify them as ‘ supporters’ of policing.
    The brutality of the ConlibMafia needs no further explanation.

    The ONLY negative comment I have seen attributed to the Supers Association, related to Direct Entry at Superintendent level!! They were quite relaxed about the proposed changes at Inspector level.
    What a contrast with the UNITED front of the NHS,. The Health Secretary was ridiculed at the Nurses Conference. He was described as being in a ‘ parallel universe’!

    The analogy of how a Fish decays [ from the head down] is instructive!

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