The Guv’s Announcement

Right listen up. I will say this only once!

If you dont like colourful language then read no further but typing this I will be trying to prevent myself from losing the plot. This is not good news.

As a youngster I was torn between a career in the police or running my own business. I had family who were police officers and friends who were also. As I got older a policing career seemed to be where I would end up.

I have never been one for sitting on my arse, which is why I get really pissed off with the Can Work Wont Work Brigade who suck millions of pounds in benefits from a already screwed up Government. (I do not include genuine people with genuine cases in this statement).

I entered the private security world and earned some very good money. I did this from school and worked on holiday parks gaining very good experience in dealing with people and a variety of different incidents (violence, domestics etc etc).

I joined the job and had a huge sense of satisfaction and pride. I was where I wanted to be.

Over the years I have worked in a variety of areas from response, neighbourhood, investigative teams including specialist task forces. I am good at what I do but with all of this nicey nicey shit that has been dumped on us I still maintain a firm but fair approach. Take the piss out of me and I will not let you forget it.

Enter Gene Hunt. Now I may not have a red Quattro when I am at work, and I may not be as foul mouthed as the legend himself but like him I wont take shit.

I have seen over the years the job I love go to rat shit!!! Budgets being cut, numbers falling (despite Government bollocks saying how they have not). Constables being replaced by uniformed civilians including Pcso’s (no offence to them but they are growing in numbers daily).

I am sick and tired of meeting colleagues who are “caught by the pension” who would leave tomorrow if they would not get arse raped for the honour.

I joined the AntiWinsorNetwork to try and make a difference, and some good that has done NOT!!!

We have gone from a select few to large numbers, we have attracted national attention from the media but yet the likes of Theresa May, Nick Herbert and that fucking idiot Tom Winsor refuse to engage us!

Now I accept that change is needed for a number of reasons, mainly financial. This Country has been bought to its knees by a banking crisis yet those responsible are still getting large bonuses for sitting on their arses, yet I get injured at work at work risking my life for a salary that does not touch the sides of a MP or banker.

I recently WITHOUT Taser etc has to get in the middle of a man armed with a knife who was high on drugs and trying to kill his wife. I did not have time to wait. I force entry and grab the bloke whilst the woman is screaming. I manage to disarm him and what do i get for my trouble? A slight slash wound to my arm but this could have gone well and truely tits up and i could have ended up in a morgue fridge.

Why did I do this? Because I care!!! Would a MP on three or four times my money do that? Would they bollocks!

Winsor under Theresa Mays wing has been allowed to compile a report that is as independent as Osama bin Laden’s relationship with the Taliban. Behind this “independent report” there are reports of undeclared business interests, direct quotes taken from a report written by that dickhead Cameron years ago, and oh yes the big one that has rattled my cage links between this report and privatisation with G4S sitting rubbing their hands together ready to cash in.

I just HOPE that the G4S staff have the same amount of pride and dedication as current police officers and staff. Having worked for G4S years ago I can tell you that this is GOING to go tits up!

Winsor has not only succeeded in pissing off every cop in the Country but his CLOSE relationship with the Government has put him in pole position to get him the top job as HMIC! What better way to be able to ensure that his independent recommendations get enforced!

This for me has tipped me over the edge! This CLEARLY demonstrates corruption at its best and what really pisses me off is that it is directly at the heart of the one organisation that should be open and honest.

Look at the principles of the Office of Constable! How can they be maintained when the heart of it is controlled by corrupt politicians. Many PCC candidates are liked with politics! Need I say anymore.

To say I am pissed off would be a understatement. We have been ignored, abandoned, shit on by those who should be fighting to keep us. Without Police there would be mayhem! People forget this. What will it be like when we have gone?

The very job I grew up waiting to join has been wrecked! What is happening goes against all of my morals and for this reason I am bowing out of the Anti Winsor Network. The Guv announces his resignation as of today.

I am sick and tired of fighting a losing battle. I have a personal life that is being made harder by work. I am getting sick of hearing how bus / tube drivers are getting bonuses through the Olympics whilst I cannot take any leave and have to work longer hours for the sake of it.

I have come to the conclusion that the Office of Constable is the new doormat for 10 Downing Street! Now more than ever i am looking at other careers and if they right things comes up then in the words of the Dragons in Dragons Den “I AM OUT”!

For those of you who are going to carry on campaigning I wish you the best of luck and whilst I consider my career options and Twitter presence all I can say is in the words of Sir Ian Blair “CARRY ON”!!!!!



7 thoughts on “The Guv’s Announcement

  1. Gutted. Just read that TW is the preferred candidate. This just adds insult to injury. I then checked this site to discover your post. Thank you for all your work. You’re been such an inspiration to many of us. Good luck.

  2. I’m trying to raise public awareness of the seriousness of our current situation and I’m just a somewhat lefty MOP who stumbled into all this a few weeks ago.
    I understand that you’ve been under something of a water torture that has worn you down, but if The Job is honourable and loved and worth fighting for – why are so many of you talking about giving up?

  3. Guv,

    it is absolutely your RIGHT to withdraw with honour. I commend your support, drive and focus on the REAL Issues behind the attack on Police, compounded by the voracious elitism which has, collectively undermined our Society.

    It is a crying shame that a person of your disposition has reached such a pass.

    You can look yourself in the mirror!

    I doubt that the Fed Executive, who persist in repeating a failed strategy that ignores public support, whilst proceeding at the pace of a comatose snail can do the same!
    Whether it be Facebook, Blogs, or seeing MPs in person, rather than the Fed’s ‘Neville Chamberlain’ fixation with letters and email exchanges with the CAMERONG4S UncleTom MAFIA, they seem wedded, like World War One Generals, in fighting modern enemies with outmoded tactics, and strategy.

    When you are so minded, come back, leaner and meaner, ready to drive a proverbial stake ‘ through the heart of the ‘undead’ at the heart of this despicable Cabal.

    Keep the faith!

  4. Didn’t Winston Churchill have a better phrase: “keep buggering on”. Different context but doesn’t mean you can’t use that phrase.

  5. I ask all of you to take a quick look at the youtube video ‘PM Coke Head?’ Go straight to 20 seconds and keep a sharp eye.
    Whether their addiction is cocaine, designer clothes or money and power, we aren’t going to get any sense out of these loons.
    Negotiating isn’t going to work. It has to be direct action.
    If anyone can supply me with reasonably damning evidence against any of the main players I’ll do a publicity stunt or two. You can contact me through my youtube channel ‘underterraingrunter’.

  6. I am sorry that you have decided to leave antiwinsornetwork but I respect your decision and am also thinking about where to go myself.

    Just about every government has shafted the police. Whatever has been gained, when they were forced to improve things because they couldn’t recruit, retain or get police votes, has pretty much been lost over subsequent years. Even when they promised things wouldn’t go, they did in the end. I have no confidence that any future government, whilst these financial difficulties continue, will do things very differently, whatever they say. I have even less confidence they will reverse anything that is in place when a new government gets elected.

    From the outset I have felt that the only way forward was to get full industrial rights for police officers and if that meant going to the the European Court of Human Rights then that’s what was needed. It would of course start with a ballot of police officers. The trouble is the more millitant you are the more you risk alienating the people who do support you. You also have to stand together and yet those petitions didn’t get signed in enough numbers and I think there would be many who would refuse to strike and to be honest I wouldn’t blame them.

    Like her or hate her Theresa May is a tough customer and unfortunately, although the public give some support, I am afraid many have no or limited sympathy for the police. They may have been on the wrong side of the law, have not liked the public order policing methods, police pensions or have joined in the general dislike of public sector workers. Whatever their reasons those people are out there. Many people are also badly affected themselves and whilst they may have some sympathy they probably won’t rally around the police, they are too busy fighting their own corner. In the end, if affected by the changes to police, they may start to moan but the government will blame everyone, starting with the Police Commisioners who they putting in place to take the flack.

    I am sorry to be so negative and have done all I could do from endless tweets, written to my m.p. twice (Theresa May) put comments on every online article I have read on the police reforms, bored my facebook friends, signed petitons and marched but just now I feel I am doing nothing of any use.

    I think the only thing that will change what the government are doing is events e.g. massive rise in crime, private firms making some awful mistake that can’t be swept under the carpet, some major incident and not enough police available, that sort of thing but even then the government will not easily change course.

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