Help the heroes

Help the heroes

These are tough times. Of that there is no doubt. The evidence is out there. Nobody is arguing. Cuts have to be made. Things have to be changed. We must make plans to deal with the circumstances we find ourselves in. There are many conflicting arguments about the best way forward. I’m not an economist. I’m a Police officer. The are many out there who know more than me and can address the issue better than I ever could. The question I would like to pose is where do we draw the line when it comes to saving money?

I read the following article today about the revolting way that members of our armed forces are being made redundant days before their pensions are due to save money sickened me. Men and women, who have put their lives on the line for this country, being thrown on the scrap heap to save what is, in the big picture, a small amount of money.

Clearly the AnitWinsorNetworks agenda is to prevent the unnecessary and incompetent changes to Policing proposed by the former rail regulator Mr. Winsor. To prevent this government from politicising and ruining the Police. because of this Iwehave started to take an interest in the activities of this government. I have to say that the more I have looked at this government and their policies the more shocked I have become. Prior to the Winsor report I was totally disinterested in politics. I just wanted to get on with my job and leave politics to people in suits. Yet, despite the high level of cynicism I have achieved since becoming involved,  even I was shocked that this government would sink this low to save a few pound. To throw dedicated people on the scrap heap while preserving and in some cases enhancing further their own cushy conditions.

 I do accept that tough decisions must be made but decisions like this are not made in my name. Nor will they be supported by anybody I know. I have attended memorial services for people who did not make it to get their pensions. The very least we can do is reward those who do make it. This government cannot be allowed to treat the members of our armed forces like this. Please protest. Speak to your MP’s. Let people know what their government is doing. Share the article. Shout about it. Stop this unfair treatment of our heroes.

That is all.



2 thoughts on “Help the heroes

  1. We have been subjected to a very long term and very complex campaign intended to divide us.
    We must unite now, Activists, Police and Military.
    To replace the untrustworthy politicians we must conduct our own elections.
    This way we make the unacceptably dangerous parts of the political system obsolete without the disruption inherent in a forced removal.

  2. You will never win against a committed government.

    Why fight from inside! Start to organise and put up independents to stand as PCC candidates. You would only need to have a handful to sink Winsor

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